about lazcon

Lazcon is a Melbourne based Construction Company, with a focus on quality design and innovation within the residential, retail, hospitality and corporate environments.

"Our strength lies in our unerring work ethic and attention to detail. Every job is a new challenge and forging strong relationships with clients, architects, designers and contractors is paramount."

From concept and planning, through to design, implementation and completion, Lazcon’s experienced team of craftsmen analyse, detail and construct to exacting standards and quality.


  • New Homes, Renovations & Extensions
  • Multi Residential Builds
  • Commercial & Hospitality Fitouts
Carlton // Balcony Rectification in multi-storey apartment complex

Carlton // Balcony Rectification in multi-storey apartment complex

Mark Lazzarotto // Director

Member of Master Builders of Victoria
Domestic & Commercial Builder with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA, RBP)


Lazcon Builders specialise in rectification work, often involving highly technical procedures. Work completed in this area requires significant planning and a skilled knowledge of building practices. It is not uncommon for many builders to view this work as ‘too hard or ‘too complicated’ but Lazcon revel in the challenge of providing often simple solutions to what many consider impossible rectifications.



“Lazcon spent a significant amount of time planning and designing before presenting...where most builders rejected our job as being too difficult ... .Lazcon made several innovative suggestions on how to approach the job which none of the other experts (engineers, building consultant) or other builders had proposed...and which focused on cost effectiveness and minimising disruption to us and other residents in our complex”
Andrew Hodgson, Carlton : Client